Laser cutting – general information

Laser cutting is nowadays the most modern, fastest and most accurate method of cutting. It guarantees
100% repeatability of the cut shape. Since laser cutting has been used, cutting complex shapes has become
much simpler and, above all, cheaper than other methods. The laser software decides about the quality
and precision of workmanship, so that the cut is perfectly performed. It is a process in which the energy of the laser beam, either continuous or pulsed, causes the material to be cut to melt in the cutting gap or to
melt and evaporate, and to melt and burn the cut material. Laser cutting is a method used in the processing of almost any plastic material.
It does not cause damage, the cutting process guarantees flawlessness, so no additional processing is required.
A particularly efficient method of cutting is reactive cutting, which uses a stream of oxygen or a mixture of
oxygen and argon. In the case of materials with a thickness of no more than 1 mm, the best method of
cutting with cracks, i.e. creating gaps in the material. Liquid cutting is a method typically used for high alloy
metals such as: aluminum, titanium, magnesium. Nitrogen or argon are often used, which allows for precise
surface cleaning. Laser cutting is widely used in many industries such as: furniture, automotive, construction, aviation and architecture industries, by using a more precise method to achieve the desired effect.

2D Laser Cutting

2D laser cutting of metal sheets allows for cutting any, often complex shapes and enables the processing of
many materials of various thicknesses. Devices operating in 2D technology are distinguished by high
efficiency and effectiveness, they are intended primarily for the processing of flat elements.

3D Laser Cutting

3D laser cutting are more functional because they are used in more complex projects, such as profiles or
pipes, the work is very efficient and precise.
3D laser cutting guarantees more precise processing of
materials, this method is used wherever complex geometries need to be produced, the complete machining is performed in one process.

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