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Impact protection system

Impact protection systems

All our barriers comply with the applicable health and safety regulations. In addition to protecting walls, barriers can separate and protect production lines, racks, parking lots, and also designate zones for pedestrians, guarded, busy or dangerous areas. Protective fenders have various uses, but their main task is to prevent damage. 

Due to the simple method of installation, industrial fenders are a quick way to separate the area and create an obstacle to protect against hazards, they will  prove themselves on any type of industrial facility! 

In a specially prepared offer, you will find industrial buffers in various versions, from simple pole fenders to wheel guides, corner fenders, technical barriers or linear ground fenders in various designs and modifications. 

If you need custom-made products, please contact us, we will certainly fulfill every order.

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One of the most important advantages of the industrial buffers we offer is the diligence with which we approach to maintaining high standards of the production process. Any of the variants available in the Elektron offer are primarily characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage and comparing to competitive products, are  strengthened with additional  protection against the effects of various external factors.

High quality of our products is obtained due to the use of the most modern technological processes on the Polish market as well as due to the use of carefully selected, high-quality metal alloys. In addition, in the case of articles made of plastics, we optimize the strength of their structures by placing steel cores inside the structure of individual components.

All the parking and storage fenders in our offer are characterized not only by high operational reliability in terms of resistance to direct damage, but also by attractive and stable over many years aesthetics . Both of these factors are greatly influenced by the fact that we use the powder coating technique.

Majority of our protection hoops are covered with the “dry” color, using the powder coating method. As a result, they retain their bright colors for a long time and do not fade over time. In addition, this technique also guarantees high safety of use of our products and translates into their eco-friendliness – during the production of production systems, solvents harmful to people and the natural environment are not used.

To adapt our warehouse and parking bumpers to the applicable health and safety requirements, we also cover them with specialized reflective foil. The foil we use is fully adapted to potentially harmful external factors characteristic of conditions that may prevail in various types of industrial plants or aggressive environments of another type. Thanks to this, it does not deteriorate under the influence of moisture, extreme temperatures, intense sunlight or lubricants, oils and other chemicals used within a given working area.

When it comes to the factors convincing to start partnership with us, they go far beyond the previously described high quality of the products and services we offer. Among the other advantages, which are distinguished by Elektron in the context of this particular assortment group, the complexity of the offer should also be mentioned. The range of our products includes both a large and highly diversified range of standard articles or their most frequently selected specialist variants, as well as the possibility of providing industrial buffers strictly tailored to the individual guidelines provided by the customer.

By using modern, well-equipped machinery, we are able to provide you in a short time and at very attractive prices not only fenders from the conventional assortment, but also all their varieties with unusual dimensions or properties. Therefore, if you are interested in cooperation with our company, please contact us.