June 10, 2021


Files required for valuation:

In order to perform a valuation of individual services, it is necessary to provide the following files:

  • .dxf or .dwg files – for sheet metal (2D) parts quotations, containing only contours of the part – without projections, dimensions and technological tables
  • .stp files – for the pricing of tubes and profile parts

For each type of quotation, we kindly ask you to enclose a drawing in a .pdf file, including dimensioning and scale information. 

The lack of the above-mentioned files, will be associated with a longer waiting time for the offer, and an additional cost associated with the creation of the projection files.

Additional information, necessary for valuation:

  • type of material
  • thickness of the material
  • quantity of individual pieces

Each quote is treated individually, according to customer needs and project requirements. We do not offer a laser cutting service by metres.

The terms and method of payment are agreed individually with the customer.