Powder coating is much more profitable than traditional methods. The paints used in this process are more efficient, and the equipment carrying out the process prevents their unnecessary consumption. This feature translates into the cost of order. The price of the service, which is powder coating, depends on many factors. That is why valuation of each order must be individual.


When determining the price, the number of ordered elements is taken into account. The cost will vary depending on whether it is a wholesale order or individual elements. When negotiating prices, the age of the painted surface and its shape are also important. Another important factor is the specificity of the painted material and its condition or level of wear. Powder coating black steel parts is slightly cheaper than painting tinned material. Each material has its own specific properties and therefore an individual valuation is necessary. The most attractive price for the service is powder coating of new elements made of raw steel, because the material does not require additional processing or smoothing. On the other hand, painting on aluminum materials is slightly more expensive.


The price of the service of powder coating on used elements is higher than that for new materials. In order to accurately apply another coat of paint on the used product, the painter must first clean the surface. For this, an additional service is performed – sandblasting. The price also varies depending on the complexity of the order and the complexity of the preparation process. At the client’s request, it is possible to carry out powder coating with a primer paint. However, this requires an additional layer of paint to be applied to the element in advance, and as a result, the price of such a process is higher. The type of powder paint used also affects the variability of the cost estimate. They come in many types and colors, and which one to use depends on the taste and purpose of the material subjected to the process of powder coating.

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