we specialize
in metalworking

Our facilities

Our company not only broadens the knowledge in the field of metal processing, but also invests in modern machines and technologies that help to improve work, which translates into quality and precision in production process and the time of tasks performed. Below we present the equipment we use in the production process.

In addition, we have a well-equipped tool room with a universal lathe.

Below are the parameters of our machine on which we work.



  • 5 kW laser power
  • Maximum working area 3000 x 1500 mm
  • Cutting thickness range
  • Black steel – 25 mm
  • Stainless steel – 15 mm
  • Aluminum – 10 mm
  • Maximum bending length 3000 mm
  • The maximum thickness of bending over a length of 1000mm – 5mm
  • Pressure – 125 tons
  • Maximum cutting length – 2000mm
  • Maximum cutting thickness – 3mm
  • Three positions for cutting metals, including a band saw
  • Pegas 300×320 shi-lr
  • Maximum cross-section Ø 54 x 3 mm
  • The maximum bending angle is 180 degrees
  • Five welding stations with a 3000×1500 work table
  • Two welding stations with a 2000×1000 work table
  • 7 MIG / MAG welding machines
  • 2 TIG welding machines
  • Maximum thickness of welded elements 5mm + 5mm
  • Manual powder coating booth with Wagner applicator. 3600mm x 1600mm x 2000 oven
  • As an alternative to powder coating, we offer spray priming.
  • Four assembly stations with a total area of 400 m2