Nowadays laser cutting is the most modern method of cutting elements in various materials, it will be perfect for cutting aluminium, steel, copper, brass, ceramics, glass or wood. Thanks to its precision and accuracy, laser cutting is used in many industries: construction, aviation, architecture, furniture industry and in everyday objects. Many people replace traditional cutting methods with laser, cutting complicated shapes has become much simpler and cheaper since the first use of laser.

How does the laser work?

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.The laser beam hits the surface of the material at an extremely high temperature which causes it to melt or completely vaporize. A particularly efficient process is reactive cutting, which uses a stream of oxygen or a mixture of oxygen and argon. Another method of laser cutting is cutting with the use of cracks, this process consists in creating gaps in the material, works great for materials with a thickness of no more than 1 mm. For cutting high alloy metals such as: aluminum, titanium, magnesium uses the liquid cutting method, nitrogen or argon is often used here, which allows for precise cleaning of the workpiece surface.


Laser cutting - precision

Laser cutting is a modern technology that, using the most modern devices, is used to obtain precise cutting of various types of elements. This method allows to obtain a perfect cut, it is characterized by the possibility of almost one hundred percent repeatability of the cut elements. After the end of the process, the element is ready for use, no additional processing is required, thanks to these advantages, laser cutting has become a fast and cheap method. Cutting complicated details in any shape takes place with perfect accuracy and with maximum use of the material through the optimal arrangement of the cut elements. The finished element, in terms of quality and visuals, will undoubtedly satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Laser cutting - application of 2D and 3D technology

2D laser cutting is designed for the processing of flat materials of various thicknesses, it allows for cutting complicated shapes, is characterized by great effectiveness and efficiency. The technology of fully automated 2D laser cutting is a very fast and accurate process, allows for maximum use of the material, which in turn translates into lower order costs. Customers who care about accuracy and repeatability most often choose the method of laser cutting.

3D laser cutting allows for the processing of pipes and profiles, elements used in many industries. 3D technology gives the possibility of perfect cutting into various types of elements, similar to 2D laser cutting, the end result does not require additional processing, the details are perfectly smooth. The 3D laser is also an ideal solution for cutting thin pipes, which are easy to bend when processed in a traditional way.

Thanks to the above-mentioned advantages of laser cutting, this technology is classified as the most modern, precise and quick methods, often irreplaceable, if we want to make complicated elements and we want almost 100% repeatability of the cut. Innovative software guarantees a cutting accuracy of 0.1 mm, this is impossible to achieve with traditional methods.

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