Mixing of powder paints

Powder coating is a process that allows to obtain an effective and resistant to changing weather conditions paint coating. Currently, you can meet with the possibility of using many special effects, such as: metallic effect or holographic effect. To obtain the desired, original layer appearance by powder coating, the paint mixing procedure is performed. This makes it possible to obtain completely different effects from powder paints than in the case of liquid paints. This is a way to obtain a unique, interesting finish. The process is very complicated and risky. Mixed products must be compatible with each other. Even a small difference in the raw material base may mean that the coating obtained in the powder coating process will not have good properties and an appropriate appearance. There is a probability that the resulting paint will be defective and it will be necessary to powder coating once again. It is also worth remembering that combined paints are not covered by the warranty, if we mix ourselves, we can run the risk of losing money.

Methods of mixing powder paints

There are different methods of combining powder coatings to achieve the desired effect. Bonding or dry blending is used to obtain the metallic coating.The first method is based on the constant combination of paint particles with metallic pigments at the right temperature, it ensures that the mixed substances will not separate from each other. Whereas the second method it is based only on mixing two products, without using temperature. In this case, there is a risk of the product delamination or changes in its appearance. The holographic effect is achieved by using a pigment with the property of diffracting light. However, by combining two paints with different properties, a hammer effect can be obtained. By mixing the three colors: orange, brown and dark brown, you get a rust effect. Powder coating using a mixture of paints can make that the appearance of the processed elements will be one of a kind, unique. However, it should be remembered that this is a complicated process and it is worth entrusting its execution to specialists.