Manufacture of metal furniture

Metal furniture

All furniture produced by us are designed to meet the vision of our client. We provide great appearance of the furniture together with its functionality. They are designed to accommodate heavy things and to be highly susceptible to exploitation, even during intensive use. Thanks to the corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant steel that our company uses for production, the furniture we manufacture is able to hold many kilograms of documents , books, tools or only the smallest details that complement the whole.

The metal furniture production solutions we use are highly appreciated on the market, so our products can be allocated not only in the office or workshop, but also in a modern home. Their design will make the room or apartment looking more modern, and the texture of painted steel will accent it even more. The metal furniture we manufacture will therefore prove itself in all conditions, from the heaviest to the light ones. They will add perfect look to your home or office, social rooms or  workshops, where heavy items are manufactured and stored.

Our company is constantly developing and expanding the range of services. Thanks to many years of experience in metalworking, we are the best choice in the production of metal furniture that will fulfill utility functions and delight with its appearance. Our furniture is stable and resistant to loads. We guarantee their longevity, modern design and competitive prices, as well as professional advice in creating a project and implementing the client’s vision.

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The biggest advantage of metal furniture are the practically unlimited arrangement possibilities and, above all, high durability, which allows for many years of operation. Metal furniture is therefore products characterized by a great appearance and long-term durability.

Recently, metal furniture is a hit not only in offices, but also in households. We can find them more and more often in modern furnished living rooms or dining rooms. They have become so popular because of their alignment and capacity.

As metal furniture can fulfill many functions due to its versatility, it can be found in various places. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can produce furniture for workshops, wardrobe cabinets, office furniture, chairs, benches, tables, all kinds of furniture that can be fulfilled at home.

Workshop furniture must be primarily durable, which will allow it to be used for many years. Special drawers, handles and desks allow you to organize the space and help to arrange the necessary tools. Even if the workshop includes tools and devices covered with grease or other such substances, metal furniture allows them to be quickly removed from the surface. This furniture can not be harmed by cleaning even with strong chemicals. Often, customers wish to make tool walls with shelves and hooks, lockers, specialized cabinets and drawers. We offer this type of furniture in various sizes and versions. This will allow each customer to be satisfied and fulfill their visions. It is important to make equipment that will meet all the requirements.

It is important to carefully purchase social and work furniture. This type of furniture includes primarily wardrobe cabinets for companies or schools, utility and fire wardrobes, as well as benches and chairs. It is worth buying furniture that will survive many years of intensive use. The furniture we make does not show signs of use even after a long time, thanks to their  durability. What’s more, their design will be the perfect complement to the interior and will allow for appropriate interior development.

Metal office furniture must meet completely different requirements than those for housing, because you need not only an aesthetic appearance, but also high durability and resistance to intensive use. Therefore, it is important to carefully make this type of furniture, so that it is primarily durable and safe, as it will most likely be burdened with many kilograms of documentation. We provide a strong weld, long life of the furniture, precise design and realization. Furniture produced for office needs include filing cabinets, document storage cabinets, desks, tables, drawing cabinets and shelves.

Metal furniture also includes all kinds of sports furniture (wardrobe cabinets or storage cabinets), medical and library furniture, all kinds of shelves, key cabinets, garage or chemical cabinets, lockers, etc.

The wide offer provided by our company and our experience allow us to implement also these non-standard orders, based on the needs of customers. All orders are carried out by us on time and precisely. We take care of every detail and customer satisfaction.