3d laser cutting

Laser Cutting Of 3D Pipes And Square Profiles - The Highest Quality With Short Delivery Time

We have the most modern and proven, specialized machine park, which is equipped with an extremely efficient, automated laser from a reputable manufacturer. We are moving with the times, changing the existing CO2 technology to fiber, which enables a much wider range of 3D laser cutting offer.

3D laser cutting of pipes and  square profiles – our offer. 

Laser cutting of pipes and tubes is one of our major services. 3D laser cutting creates completely new possibilities when it comes to the speed of cutting, as well as the precision or materials in which it can be cut. We use the most advanced machinery park, which is equipped with reliable devices from renowned manufacturers, including TH65 IPG YLR-2000 W machines – model HS-TH65.

The manufacturer’s laser HSG Laser enables us to laser cut pipes and laser-cut  square profiles in the following scope:

  • laser cutting of pipes with a diameter from 20 to 210 mm with a maximum length of up to 6,500 mm (maximum pipe cutting length 6,000 mm),
  • laser cutting of square profiles 20 × 20 and 150 × 150 with a length of up to 6500 mm,
  • 3D laser cutting of other tubes with a diameter not exceeding 210 mm (e.g. 150 × 20 mm).

The HS-TH65 laser ensures the highest precision in laser cutting of pipes and square profiles related to materials like: copper, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, chrome-nickel. One of the important aspects is the maximum thickness of the material – our offer include:

  • laser cutting of aluminum pipes and laser cutting of aluminum profiles up to 3 mm thick,
  • laser cutting of stainless pipes and laser cutting of stainless profiles – up to 5 mm thick,
  • laser cutting of copper pipes and laser cutting of copper profiles – thickness up to 2 mm,
  • laser cutting of steel pipes and laser cutting of steel profiles up to 8 mm thick,
  • laser cutting of pipes and profiles made of brass – maximum thickness up to 3 mm.

Thanks to this device, we can significantly simplify the entire cutting process, and at the same time obtain profiled elements that are 100% repeatable. With HS-TH65 laser, automatic loading starts when the pipes and profiles have a length from 3600 to 6500 mm. Whereas, automatic unloading begins when 3D laser cutting concerns pipes and profiles up to 3000 mm long. This translates into more efficient and safe work.

3D laser cutting – the most important advantages

The HS-TH65 laser is one of the most modern, specialized equipment for reliable and fully safe, automated laser cutting of pipes and profiles.

It is a fiber laser, so it is possible to cut pipes and 3D profiles made of many materials, that could not be cut with such a precision using traditional CO2 processing technology.

Automation of work with the use of the HS-TH65 laser concerns, among others:

  • raw material centering,
  • controlling scratch
  • variable speed and gas pressure management in reinforced corners of the material,
  • material feeding.

Due to the fact that the work can be practically fully automated, it becomes extremely safe for every employee who works with the laser. The device we use is extremely efficient and does not make mistakes. This means that laser cutting of steel, aluminum or, for example, copper pipes and profiles is economical in terms of energy consumption.

3D laser cutting with the HS-TH65 laser gives unlimited possibilities. We are able to cut any elements and shapes for you in pipes and profiles made of the above-mentioned materials, even in materials with high thickness, up to 8 mm (black steel).

We will prepare pipes and profiles for you with any elements you choose, which our laser will burn precisely. Therefore, we accept orders for both standard 3D laser cutting and 3D laser cutting in the form of engraving inscriptions. No matter how complicated the pattern is, our fiber optic device is able to cut it perfectly, even in chrome-nickel, copper or brass.

Thanks to the automation of many processes, we are able to fulfill any orders for you, including wholesale,  within a short time. Our device is distinguished on the market by its extraordinary efficiency, so the work progresses is very quickly. As a result, you get faultlessly reproduced elements that you commissioned us to cut in pipes and profiles of a specified diameter and length.

The fiber laser can cut any elements with a very small cutting width, which translates into exceptional precision. This applies to laser cutting of pipes and profiles in thicker as well as much thinner and more delicate materials. This laser cuts individual patterns and shapes much quicker than when using traditional CO2 technology. As a result, the temperature has a much less effect on the area that is being treated. In practice, this means that the materials that we subject to 3D laser cutting with the use of a fiber laser do not deform, so you do not have to worry about the slightest deformation that could be caused by higher temperature. 

It is impossible for us to fully define the target group of our customers, because pipes and profiles are useful in many industries. The furniture factories, the aviation industry, and all kinds of devices and machines, such as agricultural. Fitness equipment, or all types of structures for supporting and as a skeleton for a larger project, for example a steel hall, are also those areas where pipes and square profiles are used.

Our machine park creates basically unlimited possibilities of shaping and processing materials, including hard raw materials, which we also produce serially, each time obtaining a fully repeatable element subjected to 3D laser cutting. If you care about professional cutting of pipes and profiles made of materials such as steel, aluminum, chrome-nickel, copper or brass, call us!

We use an efficient laser, which allows us to provide you with services in  3D laser cutting field at the highest level. At the same time, it is a device that is characterized by very low operating and maintenance costs – our fiber laser can work without any problems for up to 100,000 hours.

It is a highly advanced technological device, connected to the PA control system, thanks to which it is possible to automate the machining. All these factors comes into low costs associated with the use of the laser during operation, which also reduces the price for the service.

We always offer attractive prices that go hand in hand with the excellent quality of 3D laser cutting!

We are a team of professionals who have only competent experts in their ranks – Project Managers, Technologists and Designers. In addition to laser processing, we also guarantee professional advice and a free valuation of our services.

3D laser cutting is at the highest level. We take great care to ensure that the entire process is completely safe, optimally organized, beneficial for you, the efficiency of the machine, and the environment due to economic energy consumption. We carry out orders for demanding customers that concern fiber laser cutting – simple and complicated.

We provide very good terms and conditions of cooperation. We are open to customers who run: wholesalers, factories or any other type of business. Contact us whenever your business requires the appropriate cutting of pipes and profiles,  engraving letters, or burning specific patterns and colors in a specific material.

Do not hesitate contact us!