2D and 3D laser cutting

Laser cutting - general information

Nowadays, laser cutting is the most modern, fastest and most accurate method. Cutting complex shapes has become much easier since the first use of the laser, and above all, the cost of processing is cheaper than traditional methods. We distinguish, among others, reactive cutting, which uses a stream of oxygen or a mixture of oxygen and argon, it is a particularly efficient process. The method of cutting with the use of cracks consists in creating gaps in the material, it is ideal for materials with a thickness of not more than 1mm. Another method is liquid cutting, often used for high alloy metals such as: aluminum, titanium, magnesium. Laser cutting is very popular in various industries, elements created with a laser are used in the automotive, construction, aviation, architecture and furniture industry.

2D laser cutting

Devices operating in 2D technology are characterized by high efficiency and effectiveness. Designed for the processing of flat elements, they allow for cutting often complex shapes and enable the processing of materials of various thicknesses. The use of a 2D laser guarantees the flawlessness of repeated elements that will satisfy the most demanding clients. It is a very fast, accurate process, with maximum use of the material, thanks to the perfect cutting performance, no additional processing is required, the element is ready for use immediately after cutting.

3D laser cutting

3D laser cutting allows the processing of pipes and profiles with 100% accuracy. Pipes and profiles are ubiquitous, used in the construction, aviation, agricultural, automotive and many other everyday objects. Working with the use of a 3D laser is very efficient and precise, the edges of the processed objects are clean and smooth, as in 2D laser cutting, the elements do not require additional corrections, which makes the process fast and cheap.


Laser cutting is a modern technology used to precisely cut various types of elements. The laser beam hits the surface of the material at extremely high temperatures, causing it to melt or completely vaporize. Nowadays, it is the only method that allows you to get a perfect cut without the need for any corrections.
Laser cutting allows you to cut even very complex geometries in any shape. This method guarantees 100% repeatability of the cut details, undoubtedly the end result will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The laser cutting technology allows for quick cutting of any shapes with perfect accuracy and maximum use of the material through the optimal arrangement of details on the element. Even with complex details, this method allows us to complete the order in a short time, this is because the process is highly efficient, precise and there is no need to make any corrections, the element is ready for use immediately after the process is completed. The laser is used to cut almost all materials used in industrial processing, great for cutting steel, aluminum, copper, brass, metals, ceramics, wood and even glass. This technology allows the element to be cut with an accuracy of 0.1 mm, which makes the laser an irreplaceable method, if we care about the perfect precision and repeatability of the made element.

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