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We specialize in metal processing


ELEKTRON company is a modern company, developing on the market in the field of metalworking since 2010.


We have over 60 experienced and qualified team members, that enable us to provide the highest quality services.


Our warehouse is intended for metalworking.


On average, we implement 35 projects per month.

Comprehensive Materials Processing

Elektron is a company that provides a wide range of services such as laser cutting, sheet metal bending, pipe and metal profile bending, welding and powder coating. Despite being a young company, we have professional knowledge that we are constantly expanding. Our experience allows us to met even with the most difficult  requirements and needs of our clients. We offer a wide range of products and services, followed by great customer service. 

Comprehensive Materials Processing

Elektron is a company that provides comprehensive services such as laser cutting, sheet metal bending, pipe and profile bending, welding and powder coating. Although we are a young company, we have professional knowledge that we are constantly increasing. Our experience helps us to solve even the most difficult problems we encounter in our work. We offer a wide range of products and a wide range of services

Our services

Professional project services

Metal processing

Laser cutting

Cutting and threading in metal


Surface Preparation

Product finishing

Assembly / Preparation for shipment


Quality control

Comprehensive implementation of all projects is guaranteed by our specialized team consisting of:

  • 3 Project Managers
  • 5 Technologists and Designers

When implementing projects, we use software that speeds up and guarantees comprehensive project service.

We work on software such as:

  • CAD / CAM software
  • Lantek

Modern technology guarantees repeatability and precision in realization of even the most complex elements

Thanks to the extensive practice in our offer you can find:

  • Laser cutting up to 25 mm of mild steel and up to 12 mm of stainless steel
  • Guillotine cutting up to a maximum length of 2000 mm and a thickness of 3 mm
  • Bending of sheets with a maximum length of 3000mm and a maximum thickness of 6mm

Laser cutting is a thermal treatment process that concentrates the energy of a strong laser beam onto very small surfaces (0.1 to 0.5 mm). It is an exceptionally fast, reliable and flexible method of working with material, because it significantly shortens production cycles.

Laser cutting is primarily used for thin sheets to quickly produce simple and complex shapes from various types of materials up to 25 mm thick, while maintaining a very high level of precision. Additionally, thanks to a very focused beam, laser cutting of sheet metal does not cause deformation or material loss – it is characterized by excellent efficiency.

Using modern machines, we optimize the metal threading process, which allows to significantly minimize production costs while maintaining the highest precision.

Welding of steel and stainless steel using MIG / MAG and TIG methods, and spot welding.

  • 9 welding stations (MIG / MAG, TIG)
  • Spot welder

Before the end of the production process, each product requires surface preparation.

In order to protect the product from corrosion and to provide its final appearance, an appropriate coating is being applied to each product.

  • Powder painting
  • Electroplating
  • Hot dip galvanizing

For us, the most important thing is quality.

Thanks to the implemented management systems, we offer products of the highest quality. Our team of  quality controllers supervises the production process and guarantees precise execution.

At the installation stage, an experienced team of fitters and electricians not only connect metal to other elements, but also enrich the structure and other non-metal components.

We combine metal with PVC, wood and glass, among others, and we also make electrical installations.

Packaging is adjusted individually to the product type and size.

We will deliver the products to the address you specify, regardless of the location.

Growing continuously!

We continually expand our facilities and gain experience. If you are willing to cooperate with us, we can guarantee that the partnership will remain full of professionalism and satisfaction from our products and services. 

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In the offer you will find all the details of our products:

  • Detailed description of the products
  • Types of materials
  • Who we are?
  • Services
  • Projects examples
  • Application

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